In exclusive mode, Roon ignores DSP sample conversion

The title says it all really. Is this expected behaviour?

As to the why,

I use a Motu 8D to send 96/24 AES to a PMC Sub running PMC tops at 96khz, the speakers connect over ethernet.

The 8D receives it’s clock from a Lavry M-SYNC. That is the best way for recording and generally playback. For this reason I have Roon DSP converting any rates to 96khz. That way there is no switching the 8D between rates and no conversion required in the PMC’s.

With exclusive mode on Roon switches the D8 into 88khz when playing 44.2 MQA as it simply doubles the frequency when decoding. Why does it not just convert to 96khz as I have asked for in the DSP settings?

Am I missing something about exclusive mode?

Exclusive Mode isn’t the issue. Go under settings Audio Device settings and make sure it is set to “No MQA Support”. If it is set to Render only, it will ignore any subsequent upsampling to preserve the MQA signalling.

Do you mean the setting ‘Enable MQA core decoder’ which appears in the advanced section of the Device setup menu?

I see it now. MQA Capabilities. Needs to be switched off.

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Thank you for helping guiding me to the answer there.

I’ve solved it by switching to No MQA Capabilities in the MQA Capabilities dropdown menu.

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