“In Library” badge missing in album view, shows on artist discography page

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Via my album page none of my local library displays the “in library” badge. It is set to on. It shows the badge on the artist discography pages screens.

I’m on EA1418 for remotes and EA1430 for Roon Server.

However, this is the case for production builds.

Album screen - showing setting on

Artist/discography screen

Questions for Roon @Support

  1. is it meant to be this way?

  2. if not, is this a known issue to be worked on?

Thanks in advance

Why would it show it on albums page? Thats only showing you what’s in your library.

Yes this is normal, I asked about this 3 years ago when I was a new Roon user, so it was surely the case back then. IIRC I received an answer from Roon staff and it was that everything in My Albums is by definition in the library, so every single album would have a redundant library badge. Duh! :slight_smile: While in Discography, some may be in the library and not others.

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Yes it’s normal. The in library icon means it’s in your library and applies to local or streaming albums. It does not mean it’s a local file which you are assuming. It shows Tidal or Qobuz to identify its source, no icon means local file. You can have an album from Tidal added to your library. In discography it would show as in your library and from tidal.

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Thanks @Suedkiez & @Simon_Arnold3

FYI - I never ticked the solution box, so there’s a ghost about

Mods and Roon staff can do that, apart from the OP

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You are correct, I did, although never been accused of being a ghost before :D.

As Suedkiez mentioned, moderators can indeed mark solutions. Since, I knew their answers were on point, I solution-ed it.

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Cheers @Rugby , I know the powers that you mods possess :wink:

Wonder if it’s worth a feature request instead.

While I understand (now fully) and see no actual need for a badge for local content on the album/library screen, its omission (maybe) might be a wanted feature.

Saying this, the example I was going to give to further support this fell through;

That being if I had an album added via Tidal, but my local version was a deluxe or special (not available on Tidal) then how’d I know which one from the album/library screen. Obviously the one lacking the Tidal badge was the deluxe/special edition.

In my example the album was identified correctly as a deluxe version with the extra tracks, but the album name remained the same as Tidals version without the extra tracks. A manual edit would be required to make it more distinguishable.

Open to thoughts, good or bad :face_with_peeking_eye:

If I understand correctly, there is a local library version of Album, and there is a streaming service version on the same Album although a deluxe version and that too is in your library. Yes, one would have the streaming service badge and the other not.

If you wanted to note a Deluxe Version, etc, that is what I use the Version field for.

Both are in my library, one is from a streaming service, one is a local file deluxe set. The main distinguishing mark is the streaming badge, #1. Another way is by editing the name as in #2. And, finally, I indicate any special release versions in the Version Tag as shown by red underline, #3.


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