In praise of the Pulse Flex

So, here I am, in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight without Roon, just an iPad Pro and a Pulse Flex.
This little unit has utterly amazed me in how enjoyable it is to live with. In the apartment, on the balcony overlooking the harbour we have been treated to wonderful non stop music via Tidal and WiFi.
The sound is relaxed, articulate and confident, with plenty of volume and punch.
Tonight we will be enjoying Fred’s House album release on Facebook followed by Honey and the Bear playing their regular Sunday session. This via Bluetooth, will sound very musical i’m certain.

Hats off to the Pulse Flex, a convenient holiday life saver.


Yea I totally agree. I’ve had a great time with the Pulse Flex- great sound, easy set-up, buttons!.
And a remote, which I am about to purchase. Pulse Flex is just excellent.

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