In Roon app Tidal "masters" are not visable

On my computer with build 208 I can now see “masters” in Tidal but they are not visable in the app on my Android phone. I have build 207 on my phone is it coming in the next Android build @support

Update the app, I just did. It’s there.

I dont see any newer version in Google play than I already have installed (build 207). What version do you have?

Version 207 Samsung Galazy A. It’s there as plain as day. Tidal, what’s new, Albums, New, Recomended, Top 20, MASTERS.

Well I am on build 207 on my phone but no “masters” section in Tidal…any input on this from @support

Doesn’t look like 207 is available on the apple apps store yet… Not far as i can see its still on 203 as latest available. I guess still awaiting apple approval.

I’ve just updated on android and yes all visible and looks good, subject to files being correctly tagged by tidal in the first place…

@support I’m experiencing the same as you on my LG V10. However it works and and I can see the masters on my Samsung S2 tablet. Perhaps it’s a landscape vs portrait mode thing and will only work on tablets. I guess I’ll have to use my tablet as a remote to play the master’s through my phone!

Masters is showing up in the PC app.

I would expect app stores need some update. So we need to be patient.

Yes they are there in my PC.

But why does a Samsung with build 207 show them and not my Sony with the same build?

I just need to charge my Xperia tablet and then I will update to 207 on that and see if it is a difference between phones and tablets.

My android tablet/ roon build 203 did not automatically show the option to upgrade I had to force the upgrade via the google play store

Not sure if this is relevant to you and you’ve managed to update it

I’m on IOS. Have to wait.

Can you confirm masters is showing up on droid ?

It is yes under the what’s new album section

Tanks. Then just have to wait until iOS app update.

In no hurry anyway. If needed I can just use RDT (remove desktop) from my iPad to a windows installation.

Well I have 207 on my Sony Xperia 5 phone and that dont show Masters in Tidal.

On my Xperia Z tablet with build 207 I can see Masters in Tidal so it is clearly a difference between phones and tablets.

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Today I updated my core to 209 and my phone Xperia Z5 also runs on build 209 and now “Masters” is there in the Tidal section. Nice work…

iOS must be pending with Apple. I have the latest available. V1.300207. So, iOS must be two versions behind now. JCR

I am also randomly getting this issue on both my samsung galaxy s7 plus and my windows 10 pc, my synology nas 916+ is running the roon core.