In Roon Desktop: Sony A80J Is A Networked Device; LG C1 Is Not - Why?

Subject line states my ask.

What are these devices, and how are you planning to use them? If you want assistance from the community or Roon staff please provide more information.

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The Sony A80J has Chromecast built in. Roon is seeing that.

I don’t believe the LG has Chromecast built in.

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These are OLED TVs. I believe Greg Stratton’s answer above is exactly correct.


Good point, @Martin_Webster!

Correct @ddean and @Greg on both fronts; thank you. I’m using Airplay for the LG C1 (Oled TV), and trying to get it to show up in Roon that way.

Right now, I’m using TIDAL on my iPhone to send a song/music, simultaneously, to my Sonos Arc “5.1.2” system (soundbar) in one room, and the LG C1 (Oled TV) in a second room. I’d like to do the same from Roon desktop (WIN10), if possible.

Thanks, All!

Hi Joshua,

I believe that the LG C1 TV is using Airplay 2, which I don’t believe is currently supported by Roon at this time.

Also, Grouping Zones in Roon has limitations as well. Sonos devices can only be grouped with other Sonos. The same with Airplay.

I believe you should be able to play to the Sonos via Airplay, but that still doesn’t help you since the LG TV is Airplay 2. The Desktop would be a RAAT zone and, again, only can be grouped with other RAAT zones and Roon Ready devices.

I’m not sure what to suggest for you at the moment. Your devices seem to be all different zone protocols and will be an issue Grouping. I’ll give it more thought and maybe others can offer suggestions.

More info on Zone Grouping:

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Ok, it looks like Airplay 2 is backwards compatible, so Roon should work.
Are you able to go to Roon Settings > Audio and Enable the Airplay version of the Sonos device? If so, you should be able to group it with the LG TV.

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Thanks for your time in providing input, @Greg; very kind of you. AirPlay 2 should be fine as I already use AirPlay with Roon for my APT 4K, gen2 and I think that must be AirPlay 2? (not really up on the iterations, here).

Weird, the LG just doesn’t show up/hook to Roon via AirPlay, even though it’s integrated into my HomeKit, or whatever the set up details are with Apple, Airplay and remote devices, and the LG works with Airplay in the iPhone TIDAL app.

At this point, I’ll just run the two rooms/devices from TIDAL, via Airplay on my Phone. Super easy; which is all I’m willing to put into it.

I love Roon for all the contextual information it provides (the deep, deep, artist, genre, musician/producer, review, and suggestion info); however, Roon not having any mobile application and its UI being designed the way it is (leaves me scratching my head after 6 months of regular use), is probably enough for me to move off of Roon when my year sub is up in April. (I’m bugging Sonos to buy Roon, lol, and provide the contextual depth in Sonos; perfect fit for the Sonos brand; yeah, I’m in fantasy land, lol)

I have to duplicate everything I build-out in Roon, then again in TIDAL, lol. It’s getting laborious…I don’t think I fit the Roon use case.

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