In Roon trial looking for advice/suggestions

Day one of the Roon Trial:
64 bit core and output installed on a windows 10 i5-7300 8Gb ram laptop. Dragonfly Red USB DAC connecting to Onkyo TX-Rz730 AV amp and Tannoy Revolution XT-8F speakers (will add a stereo amp at some point)

Setup a drive on my Synology NAS with about 300 FLAC albums and added my Tidal subscription details.

Roon added my albums and everything played fine, but my library appeared to be a mixture of “my music” and tidal favorites. Once I had installed the control software onto a 12.9 inch ipad pro, I noticed the tiny Tidal icons in the corner of the album covers. Is it possible to just view “my music” as you seem to be able to just view Tidal albums? In the meantime I logged into Tidal directly and deleted most of my favorite albums, to make the library more manageable.

I heard that Roon made Tidal more “civilized”, but in the tidal app I can clearly see which albums are Master. On roon I had to check by what colour my Dragonfly had changed to!

There seems to be more functionality on the ipad controller app compared to the iphone app. Looks like I will have to budget for a tablet controller.

Select Albums - Focus – Inspector - Storage Locations – Tick whichever Library you want to focus on and leave Tidal & Qobuz unticked.


Thanks, would never have found that on my own

No problem. Enjoy the music.

To add to that, one can then ‘Bookmark’ the results of ‘Focus’

Bookmarks actively update themselves and are accessible by clicking the bookmark icon -

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The Roon Knowledge Base is your friend…

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Thanks after a bit of t&e bookmarked

Thanks, I just tried to find an answer to my missing Master tags in Roon Tidal, but no joy there

I no longer subscribe to Tidal, but what happens if you go to Settings > General > Show format information on albums, and turn this on?

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Fantastic thanks- a big help