In the Roon album, which is available in Tidal, is not available for playback!

Roon Nucleus+

In the Roon album is not available for playback through Tidal. Roon writes that he is not available in Tidal. On the official application of Tidal, everything is played and available in Tidal. And so it’s all for this artist.



Hi @Vadim_Lvov,

Just to confirm, it’s just this artist that is exhibiting this issue? All other TIDAL content is working okay?

Yes, only this artist. Other content Tidal normally.
Thank you very much! You are the best!

Like you, I wasn’t able to play that album in Roon yesterday. Today it seems to work.

Hi @Vadim_Lvov,

Can you confirm the region for your TIDAL account? This album is playing okay on our end and it looks like it should be available in all regions.

Region Turkey. Now everything is available already, thanks. :+1:

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