In their prime: where is it?

In the 1.8 presentations there is this:

i really cannot find these sections “In their prime” and “performing the music of”, where are they?

also, i cannot see anywhere this:

am i missing something?

finally, i don’t see the discography

i just see this

I had same behaviour right after the update. One day later everything was displayed (without having done anything).

any chance this is related to using tidal and/or qobuz?
i don’t use any of them.

I think that’s the case. I see those features you show in the screen shot when my Qobuz account in on. When I disable Qobuz, most of those features are absent (In their prime is absent, in this case). When I re-enable Qobuz they come back.
Even if one has Qobuz, some of those features are only presented with fairly major artists, as you might expect.

Correct, ditto Tidal.
And for users of Tidal (like myself), Neil Young has therfore never had a prime period.
I wonder if that list of artists lacking prime will grow as the MQA backlash rolls forward.
Unfortunately, Qobuz isn’t available via normal channels where I live.

good to know that half of the development is relevant only for 3rd party software…


More than two years later and roon is touting the In Their Prime feature in today’s Mastery Series e-mail without mentioning that it requires Qobuz or Tidal. Why does roon always assume that everyone of their users subscribes to one of these services?

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I agree. I am missing lot of cool Roon features because I do not subscribe to a streaming service.