In Their Prime?

So multiple emails announcing 1.8 show some cool David Bowie “In Their Prime” page. I’ve now spent about 20 minutes and can find no such page in the actual app. Where is it?

Go to artist David Bowie, scroll down and you should find it. Roon is quite slow at updating so you need a bit of patience.

Edit: Weird, it did it the first time I tried now if I do it again it is not there anymore.

Can’t find it. Something that was in all the announcements should not be so hard to find. Classical functionality disappointing as well. For all the fancy AI way too hit or miss if a small metadata difference screws up search and randomly certain recordings under focus can’t be played and says check your internet connection even though I man streaming a 24/192 track in the meantime.

Well I found it. Yes it takes forever to load and pretty far down after “similar artists”. So I sort of take that back. Classical still is very disappointing.

Disappeared again. Weird feature

Does this feature only work if you have a streaming service enabled ?

If Qobuz is supported in your country, then you can register without subscribing fro a streaming plan.
Of course, you cannot play music, but all information is available. This feature should work also.
For you to try out :smiley:

Thanks but think these features should be enabled even if you have your own library , lots of people here have thousands of their own albums

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Some of the features are hiccuping in and out due to the stress on the back end servers. Once they catch up on load the features will display and stay there.
I had almost nothing showing last night - no new releases etc.

I agree 100%

this would mean the data are cached, no? As far as I have seen Roon doesn’t. I opened one page, waited until everything loaded, moved away and back and again the page was re-loaded from the start.