In tracks view, how to play an album or a group of tracks?

Trying various clickings and shift-clickings (on the Mac) and can’t figure out some simple things:

  • how do I start playing at the selected track, and then have roon keep playing tracks listed below that track (as itunes does)? Pressing play only plays the one track
  • how do I play the album the track is in, in one click? Seems like I need to click on the album name, which takes me out of track view to album view, then click play album
  • even the usual “click one track, shift click on another track” method of selecting a set of tracks between the two selected doesn’t seem to work. Is there a way to select a range of tracks and have them play?


You have the option under “Setting” to select track actions to “Play from Here” you must have “Play Only Selected Track” as your preference.

Interesting, thanks.
I’ve tried both “play from here” and “play only selected track” but they seem to do the same thing.
I.e. I click on a track, and click “play”, and it says “playing 1 track”.

Are you doing this and then clicking Play in the selection bar?

That is odd. Mine adds the number of tracks on the CD from the “Play From Here” point. Dunno.

Ah, so you’ve inverted the usual
“left click to select”
“right click to bring up a menu”

right clicking, on each track, adds a track to the selection
but how do I click one track, skip some and click another (usually shift click on the mac) and have it select all the tracks between?

left click and play play just that track, not all tracks starting at that track

and no way to click on a track and tell it to play the whole album?

All selection in Roon works this way. You can right-click (or long-press on touch) to select one item, then additional items can just be clicked on (left or right).

Roon is designed to put your music in context and highlight the albums and artists in your library, as opposed to just jamming them into cells of a spreadsheet. The tracks browser is about finding tracks, so we give you tools like per-column text filtering and Focus, which can be used to narrow down your tracks to a certain composer, format, genre, etc.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for you can play a single track or select multiple tracks, or navigate to the artist or album, or shuffle everything in the browser. There’s no simple way to queue the entire browser in alphabetical order, but you can always shuffle everything in the browser by pressing Play at the top.

Thanks Mike.
I guess I’m surprised there aren’t easy ways to do common things.
Btw not really trying to play the entire browser. Frequently I buy a few CDs, load them in (to itunes) and then want to play them top to bottom. I.e. in the tracks browser of roon, select the first track of the first CD and press play to have it play from there through the end.

It’s pretty easy to click on the album name, get to the album view, and then have it play the album. But that takes me out of the track view, I have to go back, select the next album, etc.

It’s great that Roon helps with music exploration but it would be great if it made it easy to play music too :slight_smile:

Tried changing the setting, restarting roon etc but play from here mode doesn’t seem to do anything for me…

Any reason you’re using the Tracks browser if you want to play albums?

If this was my goal:

I would go to the album browser and sort by recently added. You can do this in one click by making a bookmark for album browser with that sort – that’s what I do, as I have the same use case :wink: You can also find recently added albums on the Overview screen.

Anyway, once you’re in the album browser and you see the recently added albums, just right click or long-press the albums you want to play, and press play from the selection bar at the top. Everything you selected should be queued up in order, in way less clicks than the track browser.

Hopefully that’s quick enough! We know that lots of people are used to finding music using a “spreadsheet” view, but we’ve worked hard to make the artist and album browsers fast and easy for finding what you want – you can type an artist’s name to jump, you can save bookmarks for specific views (I have “Newest Albums”, “Newest Unplayed Albums”, “Unplayed Jazz Albums”, and so on).

All of this is designed to make it feel like you’re browsing a music collection and not a list – if it feels like something is hard to do, please just ask. Either you’re missing an easier way, or we need to do better, or both :wink: And we really do appreciate the @Peter_Galvin!

Ah okay, I’m just used to track view. So album view gets me most of the way there. I’d like to be able to click play on an album and have the other albums (the ones newer than the one I selected) play when that one finishes. Selecting them all seems silly compared to just “start playing from here”.

Thanks for the help…

I have several thousand untagged tracks in the album view of Roon that got there as a result of me transferring the tracks from my Olive server to a music file on my core imac and as a result of roon finding them and placing them in the track view of roon.
However I would like to remove these tracks from (the track view of) Roon since I am in the process of getting them tagged externally after which I will again transfer them to the music file of my core iMac for pick up by roon and placement in the track view. How do I get rid of these untagged music files from (the track view) of roon.


I would move the tracks from the folders watched by Roon to a location that is not watched by Roon. Then I would go into the library and tell it to clear out missing ttracks, which gets rid of them from Roon’s library.

Thanks daniel,
To establish a location not watched by roon can i simply set up a “new folder” on my iMac and transfer the files from the music folder being watched by roon to this new folder? Can I make a bulk transfer. How does roon know which folder on my iMac to watch?
How do I tell my library to clear out missing tracks?
As you may have gathered, I am not very computer savvy.