Inaccurate MQA information

I searched for the album Jutta Hipp with Zoot Sims. Three versions came up on Roon. None showed the album in MQA. The only distinction seemed to be 8 tracks on two versions and 6 tracks on the other. What the distinction is between the two versions with 8 tracks is utterly unclear.

I chose one more or less blind. Roon shows it is playing in MQA 96 kHz and my DAC confirms that. But it was not added to my Roon MQA collection, as all clearly designated MQA albums are.

Something is not working properly here. How many other albums might this be true about? In other words how many other albums exist in MQA without being designated MQA by Roon?

Can this be fixed? FWIW when I checked, Tidal cleary shows two versions, one in MQA (with 6 tracks) and one not in MQA (with 8 tracks).

I confirm that two of the six listed in TIDAL (UK) are MQA. There are releases from 2008, 2015, 2013, [1956 x2 - the MQA releases] and 2019.

This post should move to #support:metadata-issues

Agreed and done.

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Thanks. I have no objection to someone moving this someplace else but I don’t know how.

Nor do I have the patience to figure out where the post should go to begin with. When I initially looked for previous posts the one you’ve suggested did not come up. Or I did not see it.

Will I be notified of further comments/answers now that my question has been moved to the new location?

For folks who use this site all the time the answer may be obvious (as may be where to post to begin with). While I use Roon everyday I do not use this site that frequently and the proper protocol continues to baffle me.

Hi @Geoff_Mirelowitz

Assuming your account preferences allow for notifications then yes.

Typically if you are reporting an issue with Roon use the #support category… in this case because it’s metadata related that would be #support:metadata-issues

General non-support Roon questions (how do I … etc.) tend to go in #roon.

That said if the odd post is misfiled it’s not a big deal as admin/moderators/long standing members can relocate it.

Hope that helps.


My screen shows I am “Watching” this topic thus will get notifications. It is not clear it I am “watching” the topic in the location it has been moved to. As of now I have not been notified of any more responses to my original inquiry, other than the conformation by one other person that the problem exists.

The forum uses the Discourse software. Most of it is fairly straightforward, but a useful User guide exists. In particular the notifications sub-section should answer your queries.

Hi @Geoff_Mirelowitz,

This is a fairly new release and we didn’t have this data available to us right away, but it should be showing up in Roon soon. Apologies for the inconvenience here!