Include ability to add band membership for artists

For artists Roon knows it lists bands they’re members of, but the metadata isn’t always complete and for Unknown Artists there’s obviously nothing.

Would be great to be able to add to band membership and add same for unknown artists.


But band membership varies over time.
And many musicians are members in multiple bands, overlapping in time.
Makes editing metadata demanding, and error prone.

We should just be content with our rich metadata.

I do not think empowerment of the Roon user base is in Roon’s roadmap, although there were moments early on…I vaguely remember them. :roll_eyes:

I had the same request - until I read the article on File Tag Best Practices - most notably the section called “You can now add credits using file tags!”.

This works great with files that support Vorbis comments (vorbis, opus, FLAC). I have no experience with ID3 or AAC tags.

But I have added incredibly rich metadata to obscure artists/albums/tracks with this method. And there are plenty of Credit Roles to choose from.

Yip, I’m aware of and use those, but they don’t include a way to indicate an individual is a band member.

Do these not work?

Category Role
Main Performer Group Member
Main Performer Member of Main Personnel

Never tried that, will do, albeit that would be an album level tag so you’d have to have an album on which the artist appears in the band.

Here’s an example, she’s a member of another band as well. It’d make more sense if Roon allowed you a to add band memberships when editing the artist rather than having to tag at album level

I have never used it either, so hopefully it works the way you are looking for…

The tags I typically add are the Performer type PERSONNEL tags or the WORK/PART tags…

Album level makes more sense to me - example, Opeth has had a different drummer for just about every one of their albums…

Even track level makes some sense - guitarist left halfway through an album recording but they kept those recordings and got a new guitarist for the rest of the album. That sort of thing…

Understood, and can work so I’ll give it a try. Personally I’d prefer to deal with artist related metadata in a single place though.

From what I can see Roon lists all band members regardless of tenure.

Tried it, doesn’t have the desired effect of listing the band under the artist’s “Member of” listing.

Dang - worth a shot…

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I support this request.
Adding people as GROUP MEMBER using the Credits of an album, should also trigger them to appear as Group Member in the Band Info.
Seems a simple request, with also a reasonable effort to implement…

Haven’t noticed that request in December but I can see another fine use case for letting the user add artist relationships of the “member of” type.

In Classical music (sorry to mention that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) one regularly finds small ensembles or soloists which are actually part of a bigger ensemble - those relationships are often not reflected in the metadata sources and also hard to maintain outside on an album level. Typical examples:

  • Chamber ensembles (trios, quartets, quintets, …) formed by orchestra members and “officially” listed as belonging to that orchestra – credited in various ways like "<orchestra name> String Quartet"
  • Smaller accompanying ensembles (like chamber orchestras or instrumentation for choral performances) – often credited as "Members of <orchestra name>"
  • Guest performers in vocal music or opera which are members of a choir – often credited as "Soloists of <choir name>"

The relationship “member of” would surely profit from an optional associated start and end date. So if one know John D. left the band last year one could add this too…