Include web link to artist discography in artist page

Often when discovering artists I enjoy or rediscovering artists I’ve neglected I check their discography to see what they’ve been up to/ what else they’ve released. A link to their allmusic discography page included under Around the Web would be very handy in this regard.


Would be better to integrate the Allmusic discography info into Roon, than send the user out of Roon to a website, no?.. Such a feature has been requested before, I believe.

Agreed, but if there’s an unwillingness or it’s impractical to incorporate the discography a weblink would make the info easily accessible.

Incorporating the discography of all artists in ones library would cause a massive swell in database size.

I’ll add my vote for this one - a link to the allmusic discography page for an artist would be very useful. Like Evand, when I’m listening to an artist I often load up their discography on allmusic to check what’s new - a button within Roon would be very handy.

I would like to be able to edit the “Around the Web” links to add sites of interest.

  • Wikipedia is very informative and included for many artists but not predictable/dependable. I would add more as the link saves looking up the page
  • Some fan sites have extensive discographies and info of interest (Pink Floyd is an example)

All Music Guide is an obvious choice but it may be easier to just keep that open and logged in (to avoid ads) while using Roon. When I hot link to it from Collectorz as an example I don’t get logged in and the site falls to it’s knees with an absurd amount of the most annoying ad formats.

It would be really useful to have allmusic discography pages integrated in Roon, thanks!

Agreed, all music would be awesome!