Include record label information

When I go to the credits section of a CD and click on the record label, it takes me to a page with all the albums by that label. It would be great (and in keeping with the rest of the user interface) to have a picture/some text at the top of the screen describing that label, with the albums below it. If this is not data that Roon would be able to scrape, then allow users the option of adding in this information.

do you not see the label’s name in the focus criteria?

It is in the focus criteria danny - how come?

because all clicking on the record label does is focus you on albums from that label.

That’s true, but it’s not the feature I was asking for. I don’t think I am making myself clear. I was thinking of something similar to genres - when you click on a genre, it doesn’t just take to a list of albums by that genre - it takes you to to some information about that particular genre, with the albums below. Something similar for labels would be great. If this data couldn’t be scraped then the user could always enter it himself once metadata editing is a feature.

Having used Roon for 5 days now, this is one of the features I am really missing. Maybe users can submit record label information that the Roon content team reviews before publishing…

Subject to available metadata, making labels a first class browsing experience is absolutely something we want to do.


I still miss seeing the label on the album details screen like you do in Sooloos.

Funny how this topic which I started 2 years ago has suddenly had a resurgence! Glad to hear that @joel has indicated that this is on the blueprint!

Good news Joel !


+1 !

I also would like to see more label information.
Also on the search results. For search on Qobuz it is very important to see the labels, as there may be dozens of issues of a single track on all kind of cheap labels. Now I have to listen to make sure it is not a remake, a bad mix or over-compressed. As I know which labels have good (re)-issues I could make my choice much faster and easier. PS. Clicking on the label name with Qobuz doesn’t work! No list of releases on that label.

I agree! Public domain releases on Qobuz overwhelm artist searches on pre-1964 releases. It is a pain sifting through 2000 Frank Sinatra releases to try and find the original Capitol records releases.

Does Qobuz give record label searches?