Incompatible Version problem - Nucleus+ 2.0; This Mac (remote) 1.8

I have a Nucleus+ as my core, but generally do my reformatting/searching/playing using my MacBookPro as the remote. I also sometimes use my Android phone as a dumber remote for play only.

I have updated to Roon 2.0 (build 1128) on my Nucleus+, and I thought I had updated all my Roon devices. When I try to open Roon on my computer, I get the following message

“Incompatible versions: Roon is trying to connect but your Core and Remote are running different versions.”

Below this is an icon for my Nucleus+ that says “2,0 (build 1128) production you have the latest version installed” and a second icon that says “This Mac 1.8 (build 1021) stable Checking for an update…”

After 10 minutes, the last part of the lower message switches to “there was an error checking for an update” and an offer to 'retry now" that does NOT work.

How to fix this please?

Just download Roon from the website and update your Mac software.

Thanks. I did judt that, but now Roon cannot find the files on my NAS. I haven’t redefined the path or anything.

Go to your settings and double check your network share. You can always delete and re-add it. You can add screenshots too, it may help with any other issues that may arise.