Incompatible versions - Core (beta) phone and laptop (stable)

Roon Core Machine

Core : ROCK (1.8 886 beta)
Remote : Mac OS X 11,6,2 (1.8 build 884 stable)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

iPhone Xs and Macbook Pro

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I cannot connect to Roon Core due to incompatible versions, both from my laptop and phone. I was planning to share a screenshot but cannot see how to attach that here.

I have no idea why my core would be running beta.
There is no current option to update the iPhone or Mac to a later version.

I cannot listen to music.

Upshot of the links above is restart your core and it “should” fix it the beta issue.
If not go to the settings about page to trigger an update.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve had a quick read through and rebooted my rock but the situation remains the same. Neither my phone or laptop will connect to the core on rock stating incompatible versions. The preferences or about menu items cannot be opened on the mac app in this state when not connected to the core. I’ll have a more thorough read though the other threads.

Ouch, ok, so you may need to try to re-install the app on your phone and laptop. But maybe @support will have an idea for you?

Restarting the Roon Core should have caused it to automatically revert to stable build 884 from beta886.

Maybe try again?

And what does it show for the Core in settings:about.
If you are on that page there may also pop up an option to “upgrade”.
Which you would want to do if on beta 886 still

So, I just had my main computer tell me (approximately) “incompatible versions, you may need to re-install your remote.” The core was at 884 (on Rock), the remote was on 886 Beta. After a minute or so it did the re-install for me, I did click on the 886 beta, so not sure if that is what got it moving or not. But all is well for me now.

So you may need to either re-install on your own or just be patient and wait for it to start the install itself??

What confuses me is that this event happened, reportedly, on Jan 24th and I have been using Roon every day between then and now and it just now got to me… Do you guys at Roon have this contained? Is there really a four day delay in this erroneous roll out?

What a mess someone has caused, hopefully they are sitting the person/people down that did this and having a heart to heart about being more attentive so that this does not happen again. And yes some human caused this, either by releasing it inadvertently or be not having proper safe guards on the server…garbage in garbage out and all that. Can’t blame the machine for an issue caused by poor programming practices or human error (which ever this is).

Hey @Stuart_Williams,

We’re so sorry about the more lasting consequences of the beta update. Please, accept our sincere apologies.

It looks like your core is pinging from Build 884 now, can you confirm?

It happened on Jan 25, and looking at your logs I can see that you did take the update on your Windows remote:

01/25 10:19:52 Info: Starting Roon v1.8 (build 886) beta on windows

However, you closed Roon on your Windows remote before we fixed the error, which means it never had a chance to download Build 884. Your next log file on this remote doesn’t begin until today, so when you launched the beta version this morning Roon prompted you to take the stable update:

01/28 09:18:39 Info: Starting Roon v1.8 (build 886) beta on windows
01/28 09:19:09 Debug: [base/updater] Checking for updates:
01/28 09:19:10 Debug: [base/updater] Update response: updateurl=
01/28 09:19:32 Debug: [appupdater] Update downloaded: 1.8 (build 884) stable

Hope this clears things up!


Thanks everyone - success!, I got home and re-installed the app on my iphone and it’s all working now. Actually I don’t think that was needed though as the core is running build 884 so it must have fixed itself, perhaps there was a delay after the reboot? At Lunchtime I had rebooted the rock and then not long after also restarted the roon server software on it and could not connect from either phone or laptop then.10 Hours later all ok and uptime on the server software matches around the time of the restart I did. The gap between the OS reboot and app restart was 12 mins though which may be longer than the gap I left so maybe it did the version change (off beta) a few minutes afterwards and restarted again.


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