Incompatible versions

Roon Core Machine

roon optimized core kit 2.0 build 1128

Networking Gear & Setup Details

no vpn
netgear router

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

< 300

Description of Issue

on my Ipad i get message "roon is trying to connect but your core and remote are running different versions.
the screen shows both the core with the version and says i have current version. below that it shows this tablet. says 1.8 {build 880) stable

When i go down the page and select “visit our helpl center” i get “requested page could not be found”

Have you visited the app store to DL the latest update for Roon Remote for your iPad?
You will need it to be Roon 2.0 to talk to your Core now

Go to the App store and download the current Roon iOS app.

@AceRimmer beat me to it.

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Your suggestions lead me to a solution. It opened up a ton of other issues like out dated core and network issues. what a pain but i got it thanks

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