Incomplete Detection of 3 CD Release "Watching The Dark" by Richard Thompson in Roon Library (ref#HFMLCV)

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· I'm having trouble adding music to my library

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I have a 3 CD release, Richard Thompson, Watching The Dark. My Roon library only sees the 2nd and 3rd discs, but not the first. It appears as a 2 CD set. I have tried rescanning the Album to no avail. The files are FLAC and are stored on a Synology NAS. There are three folders, disc a, disc b, and disc c. and each contain the flac files from the corresponding CD. I have read some of the articles on this site and have checked for unusual characters in the file names, or folders, and found none.

Describe your network setup

Synology411 NAS. I have all of my library consisting of predominantly FLAC and some MP3s on this device, over 4400 albums. Roon is installed on a Lenovo T460 laptop running Windows 10. I have a 8 port NetGear switch.

Please rename your folders to CD1, CD2 and CD3 as stated in the Roon Help article…

Roon is very particular about this.

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