Incomplete ripping with Nucleus+. How to save ripped tracks?

I have ripped an album from an external optical drive to my Nucleus+. However the ripping-sw can’t read the last two tracks. How can I stop the ripping process and save the ripped files?

Hello @Michael_Graw,

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Are you able to re-rip this CD if you reboot the Nucleus and try again?

Thanks noris. Rebooting doesn’t help. Total time of the (Chesky) CD is 76:29. Ripping stops at track 42 after some five minutes ripping. Tracks 42 to 45 have a length in sum of only 1:25. Even ripping for more than 14 hours didn’t help. Attached see my system data:

Hi @Michael_Graw,

Is this CD the only one with this behavior? If you try to rip another CD, do you see all of the available tracks appear?

Hi noris.
There are just two CDs where ripping cannot be completed within 12 hours. For the second CD the last 10 tracks cannot be ripped. However it would be good to have stored the tracks already successfully ripped before the ripping process cannot be completed.

Hi @Michael_Graw,

Can you please provide the exact local time + date + track you experience this issue on?
I can enable diagnostics mode for your Nucelus and see if logs contain further clues.

Actually I try to rip a CD which is listed in the Roon database Tacet: My Audiophile Companion Vol 1. But the ripping doesn’t proceed for some two hours. In my internal storage (Roon Nucleus) this CD isn’t identified from the wav-files and XML metadata. Ripping to wav was easy. Actual time 19:12, date Sept. 25, 2020.

Having stopped the ripping for the Tacet CD my Nucleus+ did not even start ripping the following CD. After a reboot ripping was successful even for the Tacet CD mentioned above. Still strange is the finding that many CDs aren’t identified even if the Roon database offers only one version of the album and time length of all tracks is correct. Even in rare cases Roon displays the corrects sequence of all tracks and a correct match after the identifying process so that I just have to push the store button. Why isn’t this done automatically? Have a relaxing weekend!

Hi @Michael_Graw,

Thanks for those additional details!

This is interesting, so it seems to stop after about 75 minutes of content ripped? Is this consistent with other CDs you try? Or do you believe it can be related to the amount of tracks?