Incomplete search results for Tidal

Search in Roon frequently does not find albums which actually are there (on Tidal).

This can happen if you enter an album name (and then then there are a number of albums with the same title for different artists, just not for the one I’m looking). Going via all albums of the given artist can help.

The same problem happens with looking for track title: a lot, but just not for the artist you are looking for (but if you find the right album - of course it is there).

Then there is a somewhat reverse problem: you look for the artist, but the list of all albums is incomplete; then you try looking by title of a track, and magic! The album is there and belongs to the given artist (but when you click on the album page in the artist link, you go to artist page where the album is still missing).
The concrete example: The Chemical Brothers and their album Hanna. You can ONLY find it by looking via track names (thanks God for relatively unique titles of some tracks), but it is not in album list. You cannot get it by album title either: 65 albums with Hanna in artist or title or somewhere else, just no Hanna by The Chemical Brothers.
And another funny thing about incompleteness: the track list for search “Chemical Brothers” (when you click in “All tracks”) gives you about 10 of their tracks in total, from a handful of albums, and about 12 in total.

None of the above is about:

  • recently added albums (which may not yet have been synchronised with Roon)
  • limits to the number of searches (the total number of of tracks returned being 12).

Needless to say, this makes search in Roon quite useless (and that was one of my reasons to germ Roon, as Tidal search is very bad with the same artist’s records split between multiple “combined artist” names, most empty; only Spotify does it user friendly and without much problems).

As I can see, the problem of incomplete / inconsistent data had been raised multiple times over many months, can you PLEASE do something about it AT LAST? Adding new features without fixing fundamental bugs is not going to get you customer retention, you know…

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+1 for me.

I keep the Tidal app open for this reason. Roon’s search of the Tidal library isn’t always comprehensive. Roon does a great job of importing the album when I “Favorite” it in Tidal. I wish it were more reliable.