Incomplete search results

I’m experiencing differences in the search result from Roon compared to the result from Tidal.
Furthermore when adding the missing albums as favorites in Tidal they do not show up in Roon.

Searching for Courtney Swain in Roon (2 albums)

Searching in Tidal (3 albums) and when adding the album Between Blood and Ocean as favorite in Tidal it doesn’t show up in Roon.
Searching for Axestasy in Roon

Searching in Tidal… different result, and when adding the album as favorite in Tidal it doesn’t show up in Roon.

Hi @VidarDK,

Apologies for the delay here, we are looking into this.

Having the same problem with Qobuz. Search function in Roon is taking longer and is only showing a very limited amount of albums. In this stage not usable…I have to use the Qobuz App directly. It was all working fine in the prior build.

Hi @Thomas_Grosse,

Things appear to be good on our end now. Are you seeing that everything is working for you here for the above albums?

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for the quick response. I just checked: I am still getting quite more hits with Qobuz directly. I posted an example search: “Beethoven Symphony 7” so that you can see. I get 26 hits within Roon and way over 200 with the Qobuz Desktop App with the same search query.

All the best

Hi @Thomas_Grosse,

If you’re searching for recordings of Beethovenn Symphony 7, the best way to find all available recordings in Roon is to navigate to the Composition page. There you will see all of the Qobuz and TIDAL versions:

Thanks Dylan, I will do that. It is just that in the prior version the search results were not limited this way which I liked a lot better. You were just able to continue browsing down. It would be great if you could reverse this again in future releases.

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