Incomplete search

Dear all
I am still evaluating Roon.
I just was searching for my albums “Kuschelrock”. In the library are more than ten.
It shows me only 6.

What could be the reason?

I just found out that this happens probalby only on my Mac app. Mobile App on Android is fine.

One might have Hide Duplicate albums on and one not.

Possibly it didn’t identify them all correctly. If you go to albums view and use the funnel filter on the right do they all show up there? If so check if any are unidentified and try and edit them to get a match.

Roons global search can a bit hit and miss but it won’t show all albums on the search you need to click on more to see more than what’s displayed initially you only will see 6 at a time. But you can add an extra search in the funnel filter to narrow it down to what you want also.

Here’s a view on my phone searching for Rolling Stones it only shows 2 albums as it’s limited in screen space.

If I then add a letter or name in the filter of the album I want it shows it.

Or I could just search for the album or the band and album together.