Inconsistencies with Lyrics within an album

This has probably come up a bunch I’m sure and hasn’t not really bugged me in the past when lyrics don’t show up for certain albums. I was listening to OK Computer by Radiohead through Roon displaying lyrics via Chromecast on my TV. Lyrics played fine on the first song, but on the second track (Paranoid Android) the lyrics were a no show. All of the bonus songs had lyrics, but not arguably the most popular track on the album? I was just a bit stunned that such a popular album would have gaps and honestly very frustrated. What’s the deal here?

Thanks for letting us know, @Shahram_Baradaran! We will look into this.

Hi dylan,

Thanks for the follow up. There are a few other tracks on the album that dont do the live lyrics via chromecasr, but dont remember exectly which ines

One more item i noticed that I cant figure out. When I put the album on the tv via chromecast it says the artist is Radiohead/Nick Ingman. Nick Ingman was a conductor on the album, but he surely should not be credited so heavily. I cannot figure out how to remove his name. It is not amywhere in the physical metadata. I have Mp3 Tag and confirmed this. How do I solve this?