Inconsistency between Albums and Recordings

Roon 1.8 is doing a lot of things I like, but either there is a bug in the way recordings of a composition are retrieved compared to albums, or I can’t understand Roons behaviour. Here’s an example.

There is a composition by Ravel called String Quartet in F Major.

If I focus on my library and select recordings by popularity I get one result - the Tesla quartet.

But if I switch to Albums by popularity, there are three results:

I can’t make sense of this. Is it me or is it Roon?

It isn’t just this composition. I’ve checked others and get similar results.

IMHO, composition performance popularity is different from album popularity.

My issue has nothing to do with popularity. It has to do with why three recordings are shown in the albums view, but only one in the recordings view.

I have now realised that I had the “Only show complete recordings” flag set in the recordings view. When I switch this off, this missing two recordings appear. But they are complete recordings and should have shown in the complete only view.

So whichever way I look at it, this is a bug, and I am hoping @support will acknowledge that, or tell me where I have gone wrong.

Hey @Jez,

Thanks a whole lot for letting us know of this behavior that you identify as a bug. I appreciate the details and screenshot.

To help, I’ve notified our technical team, so they can take a look as well and share any insight and next steps if applicable.

Thank you in advance for your patience :pray:

Have you checked your „Only Conplete Recordings“ setting? If that is active, then Roon „swallows“ some albums. I would check that and de-activate it and see what happens.

There is a bug with that setting.

Hi. If you look back a couple of posts you’ll see that I did indeed, albeit somewhat belatedly, check the “only complete recordings” flag, and removing this made the recordings appear. Still a bug, just a different one. So near and yet so far. The “only complete recordings” control is essential to me; it’s very frustrating to find out it doesn’t work.

Sorry I missed that…

And I agree. I would love this to work but have the same problem of half my albums disappearing when it is a active.

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Have Roon acknowledged the issue? I share your frustration.

see up a few posts, @beka ack’d it.

I saw that, but I was really asking @bbrip whether Roon had acknowledged his issue with a seemingly malfunctioning “Only complete recordings”, rather than my issue. If Roon is on the case already I needn’t take it any further, other than to say this is a vital feature for folk like me and @bbrip. Don’t care about all the moans about font sizes, number of albums, sound quality voodoo, and superficial UI trivia. Easter is a week away. I would like a list of all complete recordings of the Bach Matthew Passion, not a thousand or more fragments, or a third of the true number.

Rebeka reported the entire issue, as the issue is quite complex. QA will reproduce and bring it to developers in bite sized pieces that can be tested against. They will refer back to this thread to confirm that they reproduced it accurately.

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I was going to report the same problem which I just found out yesterday evening.

Please fix it otherwise I am missing some of my favorite classical recordings when comparing performances.


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