Inconsistency in compositions

I know there are different threads regarding compositions especially when/why compositions show up or don’t but haven’t found something to the problem I got.
It’s about ‘Famous blue raincoat’ from Leonard Cohen.
I got the tribute concert Sincerely L. Cohen with the song performed by Lee Ronaldo.
It shows it as composition (see attached Screenshot). But when I click on the link I get to a second compositions of ‘Famous blue raincoat’ with performances from Leonard Cohen and a performance by Tori Amos, but not the performance by Lee Ronaldo

Under compositions I find to different compositions - both show 3 performances and both link to the same compositions.And if I try to merge these compositions, nothing happens…

Any ideas how I can solve this?

Thank you!

Which is just what I would do, but sometimes Roon refuses to play ball. It’s been noted before, and FWIW @Brian_Reiser found a work round in one specific case.

Hi Brian,
thanks for your reply - unfortunately that didn’t work for me as none of the compositions have already been merged so I am not able to un-merge them.