Inconsistent album counts [Resolved - duplicated/hidden albums]

@support Using the Roon client on my Mac, I get two different album counts on the main screen and on the screen reached by clicking “View All”:

Moving to main support subforum.

Try Roon --> Settings --> Library --> Library Maintenance and also rebooting the Roon Core … and see if that helps.
If not we should ping support to take a look.

Thanks, will try tonight, and report what happened on this thread.

I believe the Album/Track count on the primary Overview screen includes all hidden/duplicate albums. The View All screen does not include duplicates/hidden.

Do you still see this discrepancy if you turn on “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” in Settings?

@JWC is asking the right question.

@Fernando_Pereira What happens if you change your Show/Hide Duplicates setting in Settings > General?

Sorry for the false alarm, duplicated/hidden was exactly the problem. My lovely daughter gave me a Christmas present of carefully digitized copies of my old vinyl collection that I had left with her, and four of those also existed in my CD rip collection. I did not realize they’d be marked as duplicates even though the bit rate is different (48/16 for the digitizations, 44.1 for the CDs), but I understand why.

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