Inconsistent Composers

New user to Roon here, mostly going very well but I have a small issue regarding composers.

All my files are tagged Surname, Forename. i.e. Beethoven, Ludwig van

Roon switches things round to Forename Surname, i.e. Ludwig van Beethoven and in the composers view you can get this to sort by surname. I’d prefer if you could present as my first example but I understand that this isn’t implemented.

I do however have some anomalies.

For example Thomas Adès shows in the Composer list as Adès, Thomas. See below

I have checked the details under Artist and the information appears to be coming from Roon’s database rather than my tags.

Presumably I can edit this but this is likely to lead to inconsistency later?

Any thoughts please?


Hi @Trickydickie,

In the example you’ve shared for Thomas Adès, can you share a screenshot of the album that this composition appears on?


It’s actually on a sampler disk, maybe this is the issue?

Hi @Trickydickie,

For this album can you try changing the Composer tag to Thomas Adès instead of Adès, Thomas?

Yes, that does resolve, not sure why 99% are OK though and a few are not.