Inconsistent display of Zones (Bluesound endpoints)

Why on one day, do all three of my zones pop up immediately on my iPad when I open Roon, and another day only the system zone is visible? I have used a Google app to test my WiFi system speed, and it always says the WiFi speed is lightning fast (referencing adequacy for 4K Video). Any tips for better consistency in performance?

I received an e-mail showing this as one of the top requests for information on Roon. Yet, I have received no answers since posting it. Roon is a good product. Charge me an extra $50 a year, and then provide real technical support. Like 'em or not, the reason Apple is a almost a trillion company is because for the most part their products don’t require people to be electrical engineers to use them. Roon will not go mainstream with this poor level of support.

Tagging @support, by the way what are your three zones and which two go missing?

The zone associated with the computer is fine. The zone in the living room and the bedroom occasionally disappear. I’ve tried restarting my NAS, but that doesn’t work. I’ve tried restarting Roon, but that doesn’t work. I’ve tried restarting my computer, but that doesn’t work. Unplugging the BlueSound Node (living room) and the BlueSound Speaker (bedroom) solves the problem. What I would like to know is what is causing the problem. Thank you. BTW, I use the Google extenders to expand WIFI. I’ve used the Google app to test the strength of the system. It is generally 70 and above.

Thank you for dropping us a flag here, @Ratbert. Very appreciated!

@Jack_Siegel — Upon seeing the flag left by Ratbert I have flipped your post over from “Roon Software” to the “Support” section of the community site. Additionally, I would like to point out that this behavior you are experiencing with the Bluesound devices sounds like a known issue (i.e having power cycle the units) that our product manager Mike goes into further detail about here.

As stated in his post:

" Bluesound is working to release a new version of their firmware that includes an updated version of RAAT – this version of RAAT contains fixes that we hope address both issues but, like all of our partners, obviously we can’t make commitments about their release schedule."

If this does not feel like the same behavior you are experiencing, please drop me a line (i.e @Eric) and I will be glad to help troubleshoot.


@Jack_Siegel - I’m probably missing most of the story here but are they stable via the Bluesound app? If so, probably points to above issue, if not is more likely a network glitch. I had a horrendous time getting my BS devices to be reliably visible by WiFi - eventually changing my WiFi Access Point (to a Ubiquiti AC Pro) fixed this - I never did know why! Of course, that doesn’t fix the BS problems with syncing, as also referenced above.

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@support. I will be giving Bluesound a call today. The entire system (Roon/BlueSound) is a colossal disappointment. My Google WIFI network check app shows that my system is operating at 89MPS, which is above the 70 recommended by Roon and 50 by BlueSound. Yet, most of the weekend my Bedroom Bluesound speaker went undetected despite multiple reboots. The LivingRoom was also missing. It took me 45 minutes to get that one to work yesterday afternoon. Last night, my computer could find the core, but my iPad couldn’t, so I went into room where my computer is located to play the music in the living room My iPad can’t find it this morning either, nor does my system show the Bedroom or Living BlueSound devices–that’s all I have.

I thank dhusky for his response. I don’t know if you are with Roon, but the solution is not an appealing one to me. My WIFI network works with my security camera, all my networked devices. The solution is not to go out and buy a new WIFI system. People should’t have to do that.

The reason I got out of iTunes and AppleTV was that my music wasn’t “just there” for me to enjoy. I had to turn on a computer, turn on a harddrive, turn on AppleTV, then do the Apple mirroring. Too much screwing around. I had high hopes for Roon, but it is worse than iTunes. I will not be recommending it to friends. Ultimately, I am going to call the dealer, see if they can fix the system. If not, I will be throwing BlueSound devices into the garbage, and looking for something that just works. Very unsatisfied.

@Jack_Siegel - nope, nothing to do with Roon, just another customer who has had some struggles with the Bluesound/Roon combination. Did BS support offer anything helpful? The difficulties you described sounded much more like the issues I had with BS + WiFi, rather than BS + Roon, hence my question and information.

The BlueSound tech asked me to attach a Google extender to the BlueSound Node II. I am back in business in the living room, and will have to buy another extender for the bedroom. I don’t consider the problem solved. The system has been sporadic for the last three or four weeks (the first time of heavy use because I was traveling a lot before that and after purchase of the system in October or thereabouts). We will see if it is stable over the next several weeks. This is my problem, but it is also Roon’s problem.

I was an early adapter with Sonus, but ran into problems with the 25,000 file limit. I gave the system away. If Roon and BlueSound don’t perform reliably, I’ll give the BlueSound equipment away and not renew Roon. Stuff needs to work right out of the box. And the answer is not to tell people to replace their network or other devices. That’s the same approach that the computer companies took in the early Nineties. “Problem with your computer, reformat the hard drive.” Nonsense.