Inconsistent library while mirroring the library between two cores


I have a question concerning an inconsistent library between two cores.

Nucleus Plus, Firmware 1.0 (Build 227) & Roon Version 1.8 (Build 831)
Qnap HS453DX with 8GB, Version 1.8 (Build 850)
Linn Klimax System Hub / Linn Akurate System Hub (two rooms)
All devices are connected with 1Gbit Lan, the network works fine, without any issues

Here’s the issue:
The Nucleus is my main system, but after having some issue with “cannot load you database” I would like to have a mirror system that can step in when my nucleus has issues.

So I copied the backup of my library to the qnap and deauthorize the nucleus to see if everything is the same unfortunately it’s not. I have attached some pictures, that show both systems.

This is what I see on my Qnap system

This is my Nucleus Plus

On my qnap system it show not same same amount of files and the library is telling me that more then 36k files are not longer available, but I copied 100% of the Nucleus files (storage directory’s) to my qnap and I use the right folder.

Has anyone an idea what went wrong?

Ps I hope my my description is meaningful.

Kind regards

Hello there Tom.
I’m not with support just bored, thought I’d see if I can “help”.

How did you copy your files from the first system to the second?
How did you verify their consistency?
If there are 36K less files roon appears to be correctly reflecting that.

I think of Roon as two separate backups. The roon configs that I backup nightly. and my music files which I raid because I have trust issues.

If I were doing this I would:
stop playing all roon instances and shut down all clients.
make a manual backup of the database.
copy the database backup to the new instance.
copy all music to the new instance.
verify the integrity of all files.
stop the old core
start the new core
restore roon database from copied backup
verify proper restore took place.

I guarantee your English is far better than my hammering of your language would be. Thank you.

The storage location is not the same between both servers installs and this matters greatly. You should review the directions for migrating your files. Keeping these two in sync will involve manual tweaks.

Edit. this is because you chose to use your NAS as the core. For the Nucleus, the music is stored at a network location, for the NAS it is a Local location. If you had instead, installed Roon on a different PC, then you could have just restored and had a smoother time, since the music would still be at the same network location.

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Thank you Paul and Daniel,

I will read the the information connected to the provided Link to understand the differences. I thought naively that it’s enough to copy the complete library backup files and roon will sort it out.

I will post the result once I understood the document correctly and followed the instruction.

Kind regards

Hi Paul,

I am not a native speaker, I am German. So no worries about the language :crazy_face:

Kind regards

If you were to just copy the music you could let Roon rebuild the database. Ideally they would be identical except the pathing that Daniel correctly points out.

I didn’t take that into consideration. Apologies.

Hi Paul,

Yes I can certainly do this, but I do not want to loose the history in the library. That’s why I am looking into a stable method to switch between two cores with a consistent library.

I need to dig deeper into it, because it is not as easy as I thought.

Will keep you posted about the progress.

Kind regards

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It is, just not using the NAS as one of the Cores. Setup another computer running RoonServer with the NAS holding the music, just like your first computer (aka Nucleus). Then all you need to do, is backup and restore.