Inconsistent number and missing tracks in 'My Tracks' library

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 Pro build 19044.1739 / Roon 1.8 (build 970)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Link speed (Receive/Transmit): 1000/1000 (Mbps)
Manufacturer: Intel
Description: Intel® Ethernet Connection I217-LM
Driver version:

Connected Audio Devices

FiiO K3 DAC (ASIO) with USB connection

Number of Tracks in Library

13750 ± 1280 ;o)

Description of Issue

Dear Roon @support Team,

I am a bit puzzled when I look at the track statistics displayed by Roon regarding my Qobuz and Tidal libraries. Actually values are inconsistent within Roon software itself, the sum of the total number of tracks is also wrong and actually none of the numbers shown by Roon is close to values reported externally by Soundiiz.

Actually I could identify dozen of tracks missing (probably >1000 in total) in ‘My Tracks’ counts but that are truly in my Roon library if I reach them by browsing through the albums. Hence, why are they no showing up in ‘My Tracks’ counts?

Since a picture worth a thousand words. Please have a look at the image below that was obtained from several screen captures inside Roon.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

With best regards,


One reason could be:
If you have the “show hidden tracks and albums” set to no, then, the count will be off as one number will reflect the true total and the other the total unique items (not counting the hidden albums and tracks).

So, if you have it set to No try setting it to YES and see if the numbers align.

Dear Daniel,

Thanks for your reply.

Indeed, you were right, the ‘Show hidden tracks and albums’ in Settings was disabled. After switching to YES, the statistics in ‘My Tracks’ changed to reflect the correct number of tracks from both Qobuz and Tidal libraries.

However, please note that the action had no effect on the number of tracks displayed in the Tidal/Qobuz ‘Favorite Tracks’ counts that both still display ~4730 tracks while the counts should be 5286 tracks for Qobuz and 5022 tracks for Tidal. So there is still a minor issue that needs to be investigated.

Thanks and regards,


Did you also resync both streaming services?
Settings: services

Yes, I tried both:

  • Resync streaming services from Settings/services (as indicated above)
  • Quit & restart Roon

The values do not change at all. Please note that the values can only be displayed using the ‘Select all’ function. So the ‘Select all’ is either not doing its job properly or the Window does not display the complete list of tracks from either Qobuz or Tidal services.

I don’t favorite tracks in the streaming services themselves. My limited test of 13 tracks didn’t have any differences. I would take one service first, say Qobuz, and export both different lists to excel spreadsheets and then do a compare to see what the differences are.

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Me neither (I don’t favorite tracks in the streaming services themselves).

However, personally if I pick either a Qobuz or Tidal track from Roon and add it to my Roon library, Roon add it automatically as a ‘Favorite Track’ either in Qobuz or Tidal services (I just tried now with one new track just to be 100% sure).

Will try to troubleshoot using spreadsheets and will try to identify the conflicting tracks. Just need a bit of time to do it properly…

I never just add tracks, I only add albums.

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