Inconsistent Wi-Fi Download Performance on iPhone 15 Pro (ref#PLPR06)

What’s happening?

· It’s been 8 days and I’ve yet to have a response to my issue and I am updating it wondering whether the way classical albums are handled that is behind my issue -- specifically that when I play a classical track the composition is synced to my iPhone in addition to the album which, with my library size, can take a lot of time and a lot of re-trys. Here’s my original issue: I’m having trouble with Roon ARC

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Sometimes downloading an album to my iPhone 15 Pro via wi-fi is quick and easy, sometimes it takes many re-tries to connect to ARC and several re-tries to start the download, sometimes it’s slow to download the album and sometimes it takes many re-tries to succeed. In the past couple of hours, I’ve had one bad experience and one perfect download.

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cable modem not far from iPhone; nucleus plus hard wired into netgear switch controlled by hard-wired iMac

It’s been 11 days since I submitted this issue and there’s been no reply. Is this normal?

Hi @Norman_Spector,

My apologies for the delay while I was away from the office. You’re well deserving of an update on this case, which is currently under investigation by our QA and ARC dev teams. Here’s what we know:

There are errors with offline mode and download storage logging on your ARC, often in the context of memory pressure reported to ARC by the system OS. This could certainly be a consequence of the large library size, but it’s the inconsistency of performance that leads me to doubt there’s a direct causal association. If ARC fails to sync, it should be clear within 5 minutes of first launching on WiFi that it will fail to sync. If ARC is out of space for downloads, this similarly should be clear within a short amount of time after initiating a smart downloads session with active WiFi. In your case, neither mechanism is working correctly, so we’re zeroing in further on the ARC sync process in diagnostic logging.

There are two troubleshooting paths we can take, depending on the degree to which you’re willing to involve yourself in the process.

The first and most expedited path is for us to request a current copy of your Roon database. You have taken this step in the past, but a database on its current state would be ideal. This step requires you to locate your Roon database in a File Finder on a Roon Remote, “zipping”/compressing the entire RoonServer folder, and then uploading it here: Database Uploader. With a current database copy, our QA team is fully equipped to replicate the issue, which should expedite the investigation and potential fix.

That’s a lot to ask of you - if you’re understandably exhausted by our ongoing game of Roon troubleshooting musical chairs and the cadence of my assistance here, the second and less direct option here is for me to sync with development and provide some useful A/B tests within ARC for you to undertake at your leisure. We would then study the results to inform improvements for a second iteration.

Please let me know at your convenience which option you’ve prefer to proceed, @Norman_Spector, and we’ll get to the bottom of this issue. Thank you again!

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Hi @connor : Thanks for getting back to me. Is it possible that the issue is precipitated only when I play a classical album. When I do so, the sync does not first show that album as having been played, but shows the composition, which in my case could be 30-40 albums. [I really would prefer not to have this synced at all] When I play a pop or jazz album, on the other hand, it’s that album that gets synced. I am now going through the process after having played several hi-res classical tracks today and it synced showing the composition and it’s stopped and started several times as I try to download a hi-res classical album with a few re-trys and ARC closing a few times and the iPhone reverting to my home screen and it’s still showing the circle and 0 items downloaded and after about 10 attempts and I just re-started my iphone and it synced and I’m now letting it sit as it tries to initiate the download and it’s been trying about 5 minutes and will leave it another 5 and if it does not succeed I will upload the data base to you. Have now uploaded my data base to you and am letting the phone trying to initiate the download [still 0 of 0 items downloaded]; UPDATE: 5 hours later: I just returned after an evening out and it was still at 0 of 0 items but was able to initiate the download. After about an hour, with various stops and starts and restarting the phone several times I was able to succeed in downloading the album. I then played a jazz album on my home system, it synced on the phone and it was much easier to download. NEXT MORNING UPDATE–I tried it a different way – by searching for the album [easy to do] and then trying to download. Took me two or three tries but succeeded after I re-started iPhone and saw that it had worked though the circle was not showing that. Over to you now with the db that I uploaded yesterday

Hi @Norman_Spector,

We’re still working with QA, but I wanted to reach out for an additional piece of information. When you encounter sync failures, crashes, or bad behavior of any sort within the ARC app, do you have a large number of tracks in the Queue?

Hi Connor–I only listen about once a week when I’m out at a restaurant and only listen to downloaded content offline and only select one album to listen to. The behaviour I have described is when I download an album or two or three at home for later offline listening. I don’t add any tracks to a queue – unless this is happening automatically there would be no queue

Hi @Norman_Spector,

We’ve added additional resources to our investigation behind the scenes. There are consistent patterns with the failures you’re experiencing with downloads on WiFi and other user reports of similar symptoms. I’ll post our conclusions and any next steps here as soon as possible. Thank you again.

Thanks for your reply. I just updated the Core and the data base and installed the new version of ARC and played a jazz album on my home system and it synced with the phone but when I tried to download it – it initiated the download but nothing seems to be happening but will leave it overnight. Tried a couple of more times this morning and the album is not downloading; went back to look this afternoon after playing another album and it appears the jazz album dowloaded somehow