Incorporate .pdf liner notes [in 1.3]

It would be great if users could incorporate liner notes on pdfs – or any other background, for that matter – within the “album view” on Roon. Seems like a logical – and hopefully easy/inexpensive – extension of its mission. Even better, it could be designed so that liner notes added by one user could go into the Roon database and be available for all. Assuming there are no copyright issues with doing that. The first part seems well within the bounds of “fair use.”

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It’s been said that it’s on the roadmap.

Thanks for the heads up!

Yes, and:

Ok guys…road map update. We have been asking for this from the beginning (May 2015) it it is really an essential feature of a music management system. Can you tell us when this feature will be available?

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1.3 will find .pdf and image files in your folders, associate them with nearby audio files, and make them accessible from the Roon UI when viewing those albums.


That’s absolutely great news and it must p1ss you off no end that immediately I’m going to ask for something more but it would be stupendous if we (Roon users) could share this data.

I’m being selfish here as I have not done any more than scan the Cd and attach front cover but there are many on here who have gone much further…


Oh that is simply good news. So many BIS download liner notes I’d like to reacquaint myself with.

When is 1.3 due?

I very much doubt anyone will want to put a date on it. But it’s evidently well on its way!

Roon was looking for Xmas but has posted “hopefully” January but no concrete date.

They have not rushed a major release before, so I expect the same. When it is ready for release, it will be released :smile:

This is one of the many great things about Roon, no rush for releases until they are ready.

this is done in 1.3

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Would love to see a feature like with JRemote and JRiver where the liner and/or pdf in the file associated with the album could be viewed as it is with JRemote. I find that a great feature especially regarding music, usually classical or jazz, of a group or composer I am not familiar with and would like to be able to read the liner when listening.


Priaptor you stole my comment! This seems like such an obvious feature for Roon, given that emulating the material in album liner notes is part of their marketing pitch. I don’t know anything about programming, but I can’t imagine that this would be hard or expensive to do. Have you heard anything from Roon since your post? Thanks. – David

Will users need to supply their own liner art?

Thanks guys 1.3 is great!