Incorrect bit-perfect formats deteted in audio settings

I’ve been testing a new amp with playback from Roon through my computer’s soundcard. The Realtek ASIO driver appears to be reporting bit-perfect formats to Roon that it cannot handle (e.g., DSD, 88.2 kHz). The problem is if I try to play any of my music in that format Roon will not resample and I get no playback and then Roon playback becomes unstable such that I cannot play anything else (even in supported formats) until I restart Roon.

Is there a way to manually change supported bit-perfect formats in Roon’s device settings? Alternatively, is there a way to change what the ASIO driver is reporting to Roon?

Go into DSP engine, on the Sample Rate Conversion tab, select the “Custom” option and then tell Roon how you want it to output each rate:

This way Roon will avoid the rates that the device doesn’t support.

Thanks @brian…I should have noted I was wondering if there was a way to do it without DSP.