Incorrect grouping: J.S. Bach: Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin

On this album:

Roon groups Sonata No 1 into two different performances: one performance of movements 1-3, one performance solely of movement 4. If you check the link above, has it correct.

Do I somehow need to fix my local metadata to get Roon to recognize the track as the 4th in the performance? The name of the track is correct.


Here’s a screenshot if it helps:

The problem lies in the track names. The title in the first three movements says “G minor” and the title of the 4th movement says “G Minor”. If you edit the track name from Minor to minor, it will work.

Thanks @rbienstock!! Roon suggested the “G Minor” version. You’re right that changing it (and getting everything right) fixed it.

So why did Roon suggest something that wouldn’t work?