Incorrect import dates [Resolved]

Hi, in the last week I have gone full tilt into adding albums to Roon, but when I go to view by added date I am not seeing everything on the exact date.

For some reason, the alternate date it is picking is May 17th. I have everything set to count the add date as the date added to Roon, but yet albums are appearing down the screen.

Attaching images from today’s add for reference.

Anyway to reset these to be correct? Is it a setting I may be overlooking?

Previously imported (at May 17th) from a streaming service?

I thought that, but no. Checked and the first time added was my own file addition.

First time? So there is a second time too? How did you check? AFAIK there is only one import date for versions (duplicates) of albums (first one wins).

Show us your settings (Settings|Library|Import settings > View) maybe then we can comment on that question.

Maybe by removing the content from the library (watched folder and unlike in streaming service), clean up the library (Settings|Library|Library maintenance) and importing anew?

Sorry - I meant this was the first (only time) I have added these albums. The only service I use with Roon is Qobuz and do not have these albums I shared added to My Qobuz.

Import settings:

A little hesitant to redo the library. Not that it is massive (1040 albums), but would love to see if this is resolvable without doing that.

Sorry - one additional note - I started my library on 5/16.

First upload/add:
Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 4.56.52 PM

You showed 5 albums with 3 having an incorrect import date. That are only 3 albums not 1040 albums to remove and import again.

Update: And you should test this with one album first to see if it really fixes the issue or not.

Hi @Pyrexia

Are you still seeing issues here? if so can you share a screenshot of you import settings in Settings > Library? Thanks!

Delayed response, but I did a quick clean up and all was well.

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