Incorrect link in review for Dry by the Durutti Column

Content you’re reporting an issue with

Dry by The Durutti Column

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

No (is it possible to edit/correct wrong links in reviews?).

Is the album identified in Roon?


Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Local files and Tidal.

Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue

The review mentions “Stanton Miranda” which is linked to an empty page for “Stanton Mirands”, and the “mentioned in this review” links at the right also link to “Stanton Mirands”. I assume this is just a typo, though possibly there is also an artist called “Stanton Mirands”.

In the “Credited” section at the bottom, “Stanton Miranda” is listed, and linked to the correct page.

Please can you fix the link in the review so it correctly links to Stanton Miranda!

This should be fixed by the metadata providers, but if you want a quick workaround …

Search for Stanton Mirand as follows (note that it’s mirand, not miranda or Miranda)

When the search completes right click on both Stanton Mirands and Stanton Miranda.

Click Merge artists (top right) and then select Stanton Miranda as the Primary Artist. This doesn’t fix the underlying typos, but it does mean that the typo is side-stepped.

Here’s the result …

And if you want to add the artist image, I’ve included it below - it’s the only one I could find with anything approaching a decent resolution.

Thank you very much!

This should be fixed by the metadata providers

Does this mean I need to report elsewhere, or will Roon support pick this up and do the necessary?

Click Merge artists (top right) and then select Stanton Miranda as the Primary Artist.

Thank you for explaining so clearly. Unfortunately I don’t see the merge artists button… could this be a bug in Roon (macos, 1.8.1021), or does something need to be turned on to enable merging?

Click the three dots.

Thanks, but I still don’t see any merge option:

Are you trying to do this on a phone?
I believe you will only see the merge option in a larger form factor controller like a larger tablet, ipad or PC.

No - macOS 1.8 (1021) on an M1 mac (I see the same on 12.9" iPad too).

Hmm, I have never tried to merge artists so that might be the issue.
But when I try to merge albums this is what I see.
With clicking on the three dots I get an edit option, I click that and I see merge albums.
I will need to test to see if the same is possible for merge artists.

Ok, yes its very different for merging artist but it is exactly as @DaveN said
The merge artists button IS in the top right
See screenshot.

Thanks. For merging albums I can get to the album editor through the three dots as you describe.

However, for Merge artists - I don’t see the button as per your screenshot (see my screenshot - and, honest, I didn’t photoshop the button out!).

EDIT: I just tried with a completely different artist and get different behaviour as follows:

  • search for “bono”
  • select “Bono” and “Bonobo” → I see the merge artists button (with apologies to both!)
  • select “Bono” and “Mike Bono” or “Sonny Bono” or any of the others, and I don’t see the merge artists button

So… what does Roon need for two artists to be mergeable?

You have to have selected multiple artists before you go to the editor. By holding for a few seconds on one then selector another.

There’s something odd going on with your setup as this should work, as you can see below …

It probably won’t help, but I’d suggest rebooting your core and trying again as Roon can get glitchy at times.

Thanks - I rebooted, but it didn’t help. I’m sure there is some logic behind this, but I can’t figure it out. I’ll report it to support and see what they say.

Thanks for your help.

Are you using Mac or Windows?

Mac. Same as the OP.

I’ve just gone back through this thread and noticed that your copy of Dry is a Tidal album. Maybe you can’t merge Tidal artists with local ones? I can’t check because I don’t use Tidal.

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That’s an excellent point and well spotted.
Let’s see what @support has to say on that score.


All solved on the support thread I opened.

To merge two artists, they both have to be in my library. So to solve the metadata/link issue I:

  • went to the incorrect record for Stanton Mirands
  • went to one of the two albums in her discography, and added that to my library
  • went back to the merge process, and merged the two records

Interestingly, if I then remove the “Stanton Mirands” album from my library, the merge still holds and the metadata link remains fixed.

Thank you everyone for the help and suggestions.


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