Incorrect Metadata for AC/DC Flick of the Switch

There’s a really annoying metadata error for AC/DC ‘Fick of the Switch’ which (persistently) includes another ‘Primary Artist’ identified in the credits section which appears to be tribute act? I’ve looked on Allmusic but it’s not there. I know this is trivial in the grand scheme of things but I’d imagine I’m not alone in wanting to iron out these inconsistencies:

Here’s the offending item

Which tells me they’re Swedish

Here I’ve removed the entry as a ‘Primary Artist’ in the Credits metadata section

And here it remains

Much appreciated if the metadata can be modified or if there are alternative suggestions to remove it.

This is what lockdown does, make you fixate on the smallest things :slight_smile:


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Can this be resolved please - Thanks, Simon

Hi @Simon_McEntyre — We are looking into this. Apologies for the trouble!

Thanks @dylan

Any news @dylan?

Hi @Simon_McEntyre, I checked with the team and we are still working on this. We’ll be in touch with more information soon. Thanks!

@dylan, I love Roon to bits and you guys, but please, c,mon, you’re hardly splitting the atom here :slight_smile: Please fix it this millennium :slight_smile:

@dylan any update yet please?

@dylan any update yet please?

Hi @Simon_McEntyre,

I met with the dev team on this today. We have a solution for this planned, but it’ll take a bit of time for this to be implemented, tested, and released. I can’t provide any specific timeframes for this because there are some prerequisites that need to be handled first.

The immediate solution for you would be to make a manual edit in Roon, and then in the future we’ll have a solution for this available more broadly.


Hi @dylan, I’m unable to manually edit out the incorrect data. If I had been able to I wouldn’t of raised a support ticket.


Hi @Simon_McEntyre,

The artist credit will need to be removed from both the album and the tracks. Have you removed the credits from the tracks as well?

Hi @dylan, removing erroneous credits from individual tracks has solved the problem. Seems long winded but it’s done the trick. Thanks

@Simon_McEntyre Did you remove them one-by-one from each track? If you did, FYI, you can select all of the tracks and do a bulk edit.

Thanks @joel, I’ve learned something new - didn’t know you could do a ‘CTRL-A’ to bulk edit tracks. Thanks

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Hi @Simon_McEntyre . This “Ballbreaker” AC/DC cover act was a pain, but I think that this is solved now. It might take a few more days for the corrected metadata to be pulled into your library if it’s not been already.

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