Incorrect release date in Roon Remote App Android

This isn’t a huge issue (for me) but a bug never the less. Example is the London Grammar release of Californian Soil. In the Roon App on Windows it shows the correct release date of April 16, 2021, it also shows the correct release date in the Roon App on Android but, when you go to the “Info” section on the Android App, it shows the release date of 1, October 2020.

I realize this could be a one-off thing. Just pointing it out.

Interesting - I’m seeing the correct release and added dates in my Android Roon Remote - but this is on a smartphone using Android 10.

What device are you running Android on, and what version of Android, and what build of Roon? Thanks.

Seen this before in an other thread.

Pretty standard behaviour if it’s on Qobuz as they add albums often months in advance of release. It would have coincided with a single release. If you look at original release date it will be day it’s offically out. Also when you add it to your library it will give the original release date.


Exactly. For this particular release, I believe October 1st was the date they released the first single from the upcoming album. Apple Music also do this.