Incorrect search results for multiple albums with same name

Core Machine (DSM/Synology DS218+/Roon 1.8 build 778)

Issue is the same with iOS/MACOS/WIN10 remotes (all 1.8 build 778)

Description Of Issue

I have 2 ‘Brothers in Arms’ albums in my library, stored in different folders. Album title is different in the file metadata itself (CD and vinyl version).

In ‘My Albums’ filtering for ‘brothers in arms’ gives me 2 results, as it should:

But searching for ‘brothers in arms’ from the same page provides only 1 library result.

And searching for ‘dire straits’ only finds 1 album:

And in their ‘Discography’ page, also only one album is shown:

… although in the ‘overview’ tab both are listed:

The ‘versions’ tab does not show the other album:

Another example - Filter in the album view:

Search for ‘inventions’:

Rest is the same:
Artist discography shows only one version;
Inside the album the other version is not listed as a version;
The ‘overview’ tab shows both versions correctly.

Is this a bug or am I doing anything wrong? Let me know if additional info is required.

Thanks in advance.

I’m pretty sure it’s Roon not you. The missing albums on the browse pages are a recent development, I suspect a fix will be with us in the not to distant. Roon’s search feature is a hot mess and always has been in my experience. I like to think of it as a comedy extra, akin to an Easter egg, rather than a genuinely useful feature.

This might shed a little more light on the current state of play:

Hi all, any chance someone can look into this? I mean for a library management software, trusting the search results is, well, fundamental! As it stands I never really know if search results are really showing all relevant results.