Incorrect tag reading (when album importing) since last update


I’m having a problem I can’t solve through usual methods.

I just imported a new album.

The album is properly tagged (Album, Work, Part, Soloist etc…).

As always, I followed the recommendations here : File Tag Best Practice

But Roon is reading/interpreting wrongly the compositions (WORK and PART)

Here part of the tagging

The result in Roon:

I deleted the album and re-imported it several times. With the same result.

I then downloaded the orginal files from the online store and rettagged them properly, again. And got the result below:

Of course I did “clean” the library after before deleting the album. Then tried the make the “cleaning” again. But there was nothing to clean:

Roon is identifying wrongly the compositions or mixing them. Really a strange behavior.

I use Roon ROCK on a NUC:
NUC i7-8650U
32Go Ram SO-DDR4 Corsaire Vengeance
512Go SSD Samsung 960 Pro
2To SeaGate FireCuda (fore the audio files)

The problem you experience stems from the fact that currently only two levels for work / movement exist but the Trios op. 70 would require three:

Piano Trios            --> op. 70     ... top WORK level
   Piano Trio          --> no. 1      ... the "missing level"
      Piano Trio no. 1 --> movement 1 ... the PART level

As a workaround, Roon follows allmusic by using opus ## / part ## on the WORK level (like 70/1 or 70/2). Try the notation as shown here for the WORK tags:

I don’t think it has anything to do with the latest update.

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Problem solved using the following nomenclature for WORK tags

Piano Trio in E-flat Major, Op. 70/2

Piano Trio in D Major (“Ghost”), Op. 70/1

Thanks a lot!!!

Classical nomenclature isn’t as simple as I thought.

Do you know an online guide to classical music naming?

No, not really. Seems to me like everybody does it their own way.

A good practice for Roon recognition is to check at allmusic - if the work’s present in their database and the notation “looks good” then use it.

Again, thanks a lot.
I’ll do so.


Thanks again for help.
May I ask you for some additional explanation regarding the above?
I didn’t really understand where the problem is.

Actually, there are two piano trios filed under op. 70. So to split this down to the movement level you’d need a tag in between. But we only have two: work and part.

What happened:

A work “op. 70” was found. Now within that opus, we have multiple trios but no way to present this separately - it can be either shown at movement level or we need to “divide” opus 70 - that’s what Roon currently does.

Unluckily, with classical this problem occurs regularly, think operas with acts and scenes or work collections which are well known but consist of multiple works which then have movements…

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I now understand the problem :+1:

I fact this happens more then once with Beethoven. The Opus 1 contains also 2 trios.

Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.

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