Incorrect track information re composer and no way to edit the metadata

One of my recent additions to roon, a DSD DSF64 download from Pro Studio Masters, displayed with some of the tracks listing the artist as the composer. For example, Sunshine Superman was not composed by Emilie-Claire Barlow. I spent considerable time attempting to edit the composer entry for that track and several other tracks which listed the same artist as the composer. Could not discover how to accomplish editing the incorrect composer attribution. However, eventually it occurred to me that perhaps it might not be roon’s doing. Yet some songs correctly identified the composer and some the artist as composer. What to do. I then opened iTunes and viewed the same album and employing Get Info to view the composer attribution, and, lo and behold, there was the source of the incorrect attributions. I also visited Pro Studio Masters to view the download metadata there and there was only the artist’s name below each song title. In iTunes, it’s simple to correct misinformation. I googled each song incorrectly identifying the composer as the artist, and edited the composer information. Then returned to roon. Nothing had changed. I then highlighted the album, clicked on edit, clicked on rescan album. Eventually, the rescan resulted in showing my composer name edits. BUT, several albums appeared with duplicates of the album. Given I had during the same session turned off Show Hidden Albums, I was able to employ Hide Albums. Do not understand what triggers the return of albums intentionally duplicated by roon (for what reason?) then selected to hide, which thereafter reappear and require me to hide. I even attempted to try the delete album after highlighting one of the duplicate albums, but that did result in a deletion of the album. Sorry for the rambling narrative. I am just discovering more idiosyncracies as I get into the weeds and navigate in roon more extensively. I still enjoy roon and regard the program as incomparable. BUT, there are peccadillos that are starting to tug at what I regard as bugs and problems in the operability of roon. Fair?


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