Incorrect Track Listing

Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Welcome To The Plrasuredome, shows incorrect listing in the app, however, when you go to edit track details all of the tracks are in the correct order. See screenshots.

The track listing looks correct to me. well…, The World Is My Oyster, snatch of fury, Welcome to the Pleasure Dome, Relax, War, Two Tribes etc.

But I note that different CD releases combine certain tracks, so it may be that the wrong versions was selected when ripping or Roon has misidentified the release. For instance, in one of my releases Well… The World Is My Oyster and Snatch of Fury (Stay)/Welcome to the Pleasure Dome are just two tracks.

Edit: You do have the wrong release; I checked the timings.

Well... / The World's My Oyster 1:57
Snatch of Fury(Stay) / Welcome to the Pleasure Dome 13:39

I suggest you check the file metadata to see if this is correct. If it is, go to Edit > Identify Album to select the correct release.

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Hi Martin,

Yes, on the edit meta data page they appear to be correct, but when you play the tracks they are jumbled up - see timings! Welcome to the Pleasuredone is 13:40 length track and is the second track, yet it listed as The World is My Oyster. Track 4 Welcome To The Pleasure Dome is War.

It’s a straight rip to an Innuos server and I have never had issues like this previously.

There are two versions of the album in the Roon database that correspond and when I select they show a match, yet the track listing is incorrect.



This is my point, on the face of it the track is Snatch of Fury(Stay) / Welcome to the Pleasure Dome. Can you confirm this through listening and also check the file metadata?

Can you share a screenshot of the files plus the Roon album view.

Hi Martin, screenshots were attached in my original post. If you look at the app view it is not the same view as when you go to edit the meta data, which is correct. Shouldn’t these be the same? There are only two other alternatives In the Roon database that match, and neither of them flag a mismatch in track length, yet when you select and play them, the tracks played do not correspond with the track title and are in completely in the wrong order.

I’d like to see the physical files stored in your media library. The Editor view doesn’t look right to me either; have you made changes here?

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Take a copy of the album.
  2. Delete it from Roon and perform a cleanup operation in settings.
  3. Check the file metadata are correct including filenames. User a tagger and listen to the tracks.
  4. Once satisfied, move album back so it is imported again.
  5. Check that it’s identified correctly.

PS. Do you have the CD barcode etc.?

The view on my Innuos is correct - see screenshot. I have attached the rear cover track listing and barcode as well. I have already tried to delete it re-imported with the same issue,

Sorry coming in late here. Are those pictures of the same album? Is the point the tracks should be different or the same?

I’m on mobile only at the minute so can’t see the images clearly, bit I’m pretty sure the CD track listing doesn’t match the actual tracks on some releases. I’ll check when I’m home.

Okay, I’ve taken a closer look and there is a metadata issue. I have the original CD release and this is identified correctly, but I have prefer file set for this album.

However, the TIDAL releases are all messed up, with tracks titles nor matching the order. Obvious ones are Relax (War), Snatch (Relax), Fury (Born to Run) and Born to Run (San Jose.) Not entirely surprising since this album is split in quite a few different ways.

Perhaps @joel can take a look?