Incorrect WORK/PART data on album

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See attached pic; tracks 2-5 and 8-11 should be grouped together but are separated.

Hi @madfloyd

Can you share a screenshot of the main album? Is it identified? Are your import settings set to use Roon data or file tags?

Sure, here are some screenshots. I normally have import settings to use Roon. I make exceptions here and there where necessary. I’ve experimented with doing that on this album and I’ve also edited metadata in the files (ensuring nothing seemed amiss there).

Hi madfloyd,

Fellow user here. You might want to try adding Work and Part tags to the base file, see this faq, specifically the section Tagging Multi-Part Works.

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Hi @madfloyd,

Thanks for the screenshots. I’ll take a look at the data from our provider and see if we can find the error for correction, but in the meantime, the quickest solution will be to use WORK and PART tags, as detailed in the article that Rugby shared above.

Thank you, sounds like I can solve my problem with those tags.

One more question: how does one add the work and part tags? I use MP3Edit which doesn’t support that and I can’t see a way to add these via Roon and the FAQ doesn’t seem to cover it either.

If you could point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it!

Hi @madfloyd, there are a bunch of different options out there for tagging. I personally use Mp3Tag on Windows.

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