Incorrectly Linked KKBox Account with Roon+KKBox Plan (ref#BV00L2)

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I join Roon+KKBox plan in Hong Kong, when I registered into Roon, then KKBox, I login wrong KKBox account link with Roon which is not paid in the Roon+KKBox plan. Actuayy it is other KKBox account paid should be linked with Roon+KKBox plan. How can I switch my registered KKBox account into the Roon+KKBox plan?

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Intel i& 8550U Window 11 home16GB Ram

Connected Audio Devices

Tidal, KKBox

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TPLink Deco XE75


You can change which account is logged in by opening Roon and going to settings => services. On this screen, you will see all available streaming services. KKBOX should have an edit button next to it. If you click that you can log out of the incorrect account and then log into the correct one.

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