Incorrectly tagged albums question

I’m still fairly new to Roon (Sept. 2019), and don’t know if there’s any benefit to Roon or the Community by reporting this type of error when it’s discovered, but thought I’d put this out there… Both of these albums (below) are showing as available from TIDAL-only on my system - though I also have Qobuz, and I found them via the ‘New Releases for You’ a day or so ago. I would have expected to see both albums tagged as Jazz, but both were tagged as Electronic and Electronica. I imported one of them into my library and of course was then able to change its tags.

Should one bother reporting things like this (and where / to who?; not sure if the error stems from TIDAL, Roon, or a 3rd party metadata supplier to Roon), but figured I’d put this out there and ask, mainly for future reference. It’s easy enough to change once imported into your library, but I could see where incorrect metadata might negatively affect search results of music not already in your library. Thanks.



Hi @SBI. A good question; the simple answer is that it comes from TIDAL and — believe it or not — ultimately from the labels.

A more complex answer is that, the Chicago 1958 - Two Performances release is actually the first disc from The Classic 1958-1962 Recordings, but as a standalone release, it has no counterpart from any of our other metadata providers, so we’re stuck with what TIDAL provides. This has the feel of coming from a re-issue label to me, but we don’t even have label information to verify that!

It’s a similar story for your 2nd album, which appears to be a unique disc.

Sometimes, with new release from streaming services, it might take a week or two (or even longer) for other metadata providers to populate better data (and Roon to automatically update these releases in your library), but unfortunately for reissue type stuff, it never arrives.

Good to know, and thanks very much! Really appreciate the info Joel.