Increase in CACHE causes SIGNIFICANT SLOW DOWN leading to CRASH

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Operating System:Mac Catalina, iMac Late 2015; Roon Version 1.7 Build 555

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

QNAP NAS for file storage; Nucleus+ Music Server; Ethernet connections

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

ethernet connections to Control4 system

Description Of Issue

I am adding a LOT of CD’s to Roon database of 7850 albums and over 120,000 tracks. As I use Roon throughout the day adding CD’s, searching to see if already loaded, adding tags, etc., it becomes SLOWER and SLOWER and then crashes. I’ve noticed that my memory CACHE increases the more I use Roon and when it reaches a certain point, Roon slows down especially for searches and application of tags. If I don’t clear the cache, Roon will crash. I am having to clear the cache about every 10 minutes or so! PLEASE HELP!!

You say your iMac is your core but you list a Nucleus + as a music server.

Sorry. I am not very technical. The Nucleus+ is the core. I use iMac to work with Roon and load CD’s.

No problem. So the problem is seen via the iMac and it is that that slows?

Correct. I’m running the Roon application on my iMac. Roon gets slower and slower and ultimately crashes. But then I discovered the iMac memory cache grows to a point where most of my 32GB of memory is either running apps or cached. Now I am using a utility to clear my cache before it gets to the point of crashing.

did you have an idea about this, Henry? I haven’t received any other help yet…

Nothing that I can think of. It does seem to be some issue between the OS and Roon. It isn’t something I would have enough knowledge about to be able to make meaningful suggestions. Sorry.
@support can you assist?

Hello @tomdee55 and thanks for the information! I’d like to collect logs from your Mac so I can show them to my team for further analysis.

Next time Roon crashes could you please reply here with a timestamp (your local time) so I know where to look in the logs, and also use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using this link.

Understood. I will let you know the next time is crashes

Nuwriy, I haven’t had a crash yet but my memory cache “fills up” causing everything to SLOW down significantly and have other performance issues as well. For example, when I want to add a TAG, I press the green “+Tag” and the tags take several seconds to load and sometimes they do not come up at all. All other aspects of Roon slow considerably and my CD ripping software (dBpoweramp) starts to have read errors. All of this is “FIXED” when I optimize the memory using the “CleanMyMac” utility. So the problem is the increasing memory cache that results in almost all of my memory being used/allocated which results in the slowdown and bad performance. Any ideas?

Hello @tomdee55, I think the crash report will give us the most information but I will run this by my team for further input in the meantime. Please stand by!

While I don’t support the use of all caps in titles or posts, I felt compelled to comment on the poetic rhythm of “Increase in cache causes significant slowdown, leading to crash.” It’s been stuck in my head all morning.



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this is the first time I’ve used the forum for assistance. I am working with one of the Roon Support guys now. I’m glad you enjoyed my title and am sorry you didn’t like the CAPS…

Hello @tomdee55,

Can you send me a screenshot of your activity monitor next time this issue occurs as well? I’d like to see what you’re seeing so I can show this to the team.

Nuwriy, Roon crashed at 8:42am today as I was optimizing memory. The memory was almost 100% used due to the caches building up so I optimized memory using CleanMyMac utility and Roon crashed during this process. I uploaded another Support Package as directed.

Thanks @tomdee55, submitting your report now.

Oh and also, when you get a chance could you upload some screenshots of the memory issue? Thanks!

I am now uploading another snapshot of the Activity Monitor showing the memory usage. Roon had slowed down considerably at the point of this snapshot. Best example is when I tried to bring up the “+Tags” screen- it took a significantly longer time than normal.

Nuwriy, I was UNABLE to upload the Activity Monitor snapshot because the LINK to your Zoho Work Drive had expired. Please provide a new link.