Increased sound quality w/ Ethernet from core->output?

Hi. I use a Macbook Air 1,3 GHz Intel Core i5 as core and a Slimdevices Transporter as output. I use both local FLAC files and Tidal HiFi. The Transporter is cabled over Ethernet to my router, but the Macbook is on wifi as I like to lug it around. My local files are on a NAS, also hooked up by Ethernet. My signal path looks bit perfect and shows Lossless/Enhanced.

The question: I see that cabling the Core is reccommended. But given my current signal path, would there still be additional sound quality gains from a Ethernet connection from Macbook Core to router and on to the Transporter output?

Also: I have set to Exclusive Mode in Built-in output in Settings on the Macbook Core, but other apps are still running and accessible in the background during playback?



It will very much depend on your wifi rate and what data rate you are trying to play too…cd quality will probably be fine…DSD rates maybe not so… YMMV

I should say that what I mean is that ethernet will cater to higher bit rates more reliably and suffer less from external interference. Given the same speed capability there should be no difference…but there are always those that will say there is…lets not go there here :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. My current front end doesn’t support higher that 24/96, but that will change very soon. 24/96, both native and upsampled, streams just fine now, though, no glitches. So my question was more towards whether a wifi connected core is known to do something negative to sound quality, even when there are no drop puts or delays and the signal path is fully lit up purple - or if wired connection is just recommended because it is more stable and glitch-free.

No. Wifi or ethernet - same.

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