Index failure on Roon Mac

Background machine information:

Late 2014 Mac mini
Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 (most recent OS this machine can run)
2.6 Gb Intel i5 chip
8 Gb DDR-3 RAM
2TB Solid-State SATA internal drive with Roon core
6TB external USB HDD with Roon library
iPad with Roon Remote for control

Roon 1.8 Build 988

What’s happening -

I ripped a dozen tracks today using jRiver 24 as my ripping software. The tracks were copied to a directory on my external library drive labeled “NAME.” When I finished ripping, I started Roon & the circle chased itself at the top of the Roon screen indicating that Roon was indexing the new data. When the indexing stopped, I used my mouse to scroll down the album title list, but there was no new folder titled “NAME.” I then used the search feature and searched for an album titled “NAME,” but Roon found nothing. I then searched for some of the individual tracks that I’d ripped, and Roon failed to find them either.

At this point, I shut down Roon & restarted the computer. When I restarted the machine, I used Finder to look at the data disc. The folder, “NAME” is there and the files are in it. I restarted Roon, and once again, Roon didn’t find the folder OR the titles.

What’s going on here?

Thanks - Boomzilla

Found them! Despite the fact that I’d renamed both the destination folder AND the tracks, Roon used the embedded titles in the rips themselves and indexed the music under its original title and artist.

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