Indexing getting stuck; Recently Added not updating

Hi, folks. For some reason, the importer (even though there’s no new local music) is getting stuck with the new 1.8 release on the Nucleus. It’s spinning “forever” saying this:

and for whatever reason, the “Recently Added” list is either not updated or sporadically updated until I reboot the Nucleus with its web interface. At that point it’ll update, but then get stuck again.

The local library (on a Synology) hasn’t changed for quite a long time… any idea as to what might be going on?

Same issue. New albums appear briefly, then disappear. Then the system froze entirely. I’ve rebooted, but it seems to be taking a very, VERY long time to reappear. Going on 15 minutes still looking for the core.

Oh I should add, this occurred right after updating to the latest build.

I too have this problem. I have had it for months. It sits and spins for days, sometimes weeks.
Good luck in getting help from support. Maybe they will help you.

Some additional information; when I do restart the Nucleus, when the Roon client connects, it indicates it needs to update the database (again). Not sure why it would be saying that when it already did it, but perhaps it’s a hint?

Jamie - I think the update you did a few days after I posted may have corrected the problem, since after that it seemed to stop. Possible? (Sorry that I’m entering this as you’re doing a reply!)

Hi @David_Nanian,

Our apologies for the delay in getting to you about this. Depending on the size of your library, your hardware, and your network processing your collection can take a bit after an update.

Have you updated your Nucleus to the latest build (version 884) and if so are you still experiencing this?

Please send us and update on your current status and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you again for your patience.

As I said above, the update that came out after my own post (you seemed to have done another build for the Nucleus) may have corrected the problem.

My network is super fast, the hardware is obviously yours, and the local storage is a Synology 2415+ on Gigabit with two bound ports, so…fast. Gigabit FiOS, too. The problem was definitely software, not something in my hardware.

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