Indexing - I want to switch it off - How?

I have sent the link to few mp4 files from my “Apple Music” folder in a PM to You. They are not corrupt - I can listen to them wtih Apple Music app and they are in my iTunes library. I have also some mp4 files in my main folder “Music” - I have copied them earlier manually from “Apple Music” and Roon has them in it’s library. I have tried today the same copy-paste trick from “Apple Music” folder to “Music” folder, but it didn’t work this time.

I have read in google, that m4p music files are locked - and You can open them only with iTunes - and that I need to convert them manually to be seen in other apps. I will try to cenvert them - and I’ll put them in a new folder - and then I will check, if Roon will see them.

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